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The ECX is a carbon registry platform for emission offset in order to encourage the adoption of the Clean Development Mechanism locally

Climate change is everyone’s problem. Our economic activity and day-to-day lifestyle is responsible for the greenhouse gas (GHG) which are depleting ozone layer.

Low-Carbon projects or Projects that mitigate CO2 emission, and make substantial impact on emission reduction based on the SDGs goals in the community/region where the project is located.

Simply log onto to offset; however, if you don’t know which project(s) you’d like to support, you can contact the Exchange directly using

Your carbon footprint can be calculated by using an online carbon calculator on our platform. Calculate your footprint today, make the earth greener and saver.

Yes, it does. As a carbon registry platform, ECX ensures to keep track of project impact assessment (Employment Opportunities, Poverty alleviation and others), and emission reductions capacity from time to time.

 Project listing is process of auditing, verifying and certification a low carbon project, for the purpose of quantifying its emission reductions status and amount for a period of time, usually a year.

You can start the process of listing your project by applying to the Exchange to start the carbon audit, verification and certification process.

You can start project listing by signing up to our project registry platform or sending a mail to

Green Gas Auditing is the process of calculating the carbon footprint of a company, process, or project. So, the GHG Audit is structure for organization/company that are willing to determine how their daily business activities produce emissions that negatively affect the environment.

How can Business engage ECX on GHG audit? Both private and public organization can engage ECX for Greenhouse Gas emissions quantification through a mail request.

Your business will leverage on GHG Audit report or carbon-neutral status to market and create awareness of your business contribution in mitigating GHG emissions. Also, you stand to benefit by managing the resources of the organization including energy, paper and other recyclable company materials which could increase cost and increase CO2e emission.