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Waste Recycling Emission Reduction Initiative

Municipal Solid Waste comprises of biodegradable waste, electronic waste, plastics wastes, Paper & Cardboard wastes, Metals and Glass wastes. 

Our program on recyclable materials has shown the significant benefit which individuals, waste collectors, government and aggregators will receive. Notwithstanding, the environmental benefits and SDGs impact assessment still serve as the prioritized objective.  Join the race and Save the Earth!

Renewable Energy Offset Schemes

The transition from fossil fuel energy generation to renewable energy can directly reduce atmospheric carbon emissions. Source-sink relationship adopted by ECX in categorizing and evaluating the impact of renewable energy is in line with UNFCCC protocols, in the area of achieving COP25 goals.

Agriculture Emissions Reduction Offset Projects

ECX-AW/BIO carbon offset projects take a range of forms depending on methane avoidance, avoiding fossil fuel, and reducing deforestation. Implementation of ECX-AW/BIO could be at the household level (e.g through clean cook stoves to provide heat for cooking or at the community level for generation of electricity). Project Sample is using dung of cattle to replace inefficient charcoal fire.

Transportation Emissions Reduction Offset Scheme

Emissions from the transport sector are a major contributor to climate change — about 14% of annual emissions (including non-CO2 gases) and around a quarter of CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels.

Construction Emissions Reduction Offset

ECX-CDWM (Construction, Demolish and Waste Management), underlying concept of transformation of waste generated during construction of building, taking account of environmental impact of unusable waste during construction. Moreover, CDWM carbon offset projects must be 100% percent sustainable in terms of structure, operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition before such project could receive certification.

Forest Emission Scheme

ECX-A/R covers range of afforestation and reforestation projects in Africa, projects that are eligible must be able to support community and provide hope for individuals living around the community of interest.

ECX-A/R projects scope are:

  • Planting trees (Palms Estate, Coconut Estate and Bamboo Plantation)
  • Agriculture (Agroforestry) or Pasture (silvopasture) activities
  • Conservation of Forest & Harvesting, and rotation forestry


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