Gbagira Mini Grid Plant

This is a 15kwp photovoltaic project located in a remote, riverine community in Ondo State Nigeria. The project generates clean electricity with solar technology to the tune of 16.34Mw of clean electricity annually, enough to serve over 1000 population of the rural poor including fisherfolks, artisans, hair barbing and salon operators, phone charging and POS operators, restaurant and hotel operators and farmers. The project mitigates CO2 emissions to the levels of 800.12 tCO2e in Carbon emissions in 10 years.

Project impacts and benefits 

In initiating the certification process under Eko Carbon Exchange, the project hosted a stakeholder consultation with relevant parties. As well as discussing the project and its objectives, the consultation provided the opportunity to review the baseline scenario of the beneficiary community to understand the energy and economic needs of the local communities.

The baseline assessment shows that the communities generated light in individual homes and shops using gasoline generators, kerosene and wood fuel for home cooking and lacked sufficient power provision for most artisanal businesses.

The current social-economic impacts of the project:

  • Employment provision. It employed 10 people for its operations and maintenance, out of which 5 employees were hired locally.
  • Business Support. It directly supports 15 micro and small businesses and indirectly enables other 35 individual vocation skills and microeconomic actors.
  • Income Support. It enabled a sustainable income for the employed youth and small businesses.
  • Education Support. Promotes education by supporting the lighting needs of 4 homes and the study needs of 13 students.
  • Gender Support. It supports about 5 women businesses, thereby empowering them

Next Steps: It is to be scaled, to enable it to provide higher energy activities and home cooking solutions to displace kerosene and wood fuel.

Total Carbon Reduction: 800.12tonnesC02eq

Price: $15/ tonneC02eq

The project is promoted by A4&T

Contact details: Mr. Joseph; Email – joseph@A4&; Mobile Number – +234 8055221722