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Biodiversity and climate change are two of the most pressing issues of our time. Africa is one of the most vulnerable continents to the impacts of climate change, and yet it is home to some of the world's most biodiverse ecosystems. The Eko Carbon and Commodity is committed to promoting biodiversity and climate resilience in the Africa ecosystem through climate finance. We believe that by working together with diverse partners, we can build a more resilient future for Africa.

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To care for Mother-earth by helping reduce carbon emissions through carbon offsetting and executing earth-friendly…

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We are an independent climate finance and auditing firm born on the floors of COP 25. We have a globally…

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Take steps to decrease the amount of CO2 you release into the atmosphere. Reduce Now

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Purchase carbon credits from projects that are designed to reduce GHG(s) emissions. Offset Now

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Adopt eco-friendly practices that will not only help your projects reduce environmental impact, but also attract the growing number of investors who want to support sustainability projects.

Capacity Building

Equip yourself with in-depth knowledge of climate change and the decarbonisation process

Project Development

Use our project development frameworks, like VERRA, CDM, or the Gold standard, as a guide...

Carbon Management

Get your business on the path to sustainability by using our carbon management software to keep...


Provision of ongoing advice, and guidance on how best to continue your journey towards achieving...
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